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Employee Monitor is one aspect, which has varied comments, and various level of acceptance by employees worldwide.  But the fact is that irrespective of whether a person likes or accepts the idea of employee monitoring, it has become inevitable in todays modern era. Almost all the companies big or small is bound to carry out these monitoring activity to ensure safety and security of the company and the employees.

There are numerous companies that offer technologically advanced software products that help in employee monitoring activity. However it is the major responsibility of the company to choose software, which is legally, and ethically fair. Along with this monitoring software’s, the old-school method of electronic surveillance is also followed by many companies.

Recent Rise:

The employee monitoring software is gaining momentum in the recent years and the number of companies opting to such products has increased by many folds. The employee monitoring software products has not only attracted the employers but also has a positive feedback from the employees as well. Keeping to the pace of technological advancements, there are lot of new versions that are rolled out in the market and choosing the best product often poses a great challenge to the employers.


Here comes the best employee monitoring software tools in the market that takes care of the security and safety measures of your company and the employees in the best possible way to visit

    Base Camp:

Basecamp has been in the market since 2004 and has earned a reputable name in the field of employee monitoring tools. This was basically developed as a monitoring tool for managing projects and the employees involved in the project. This basecamp tool was used to make the task of assigning tasks to the project members and also the task of tracking the work progress very easy and perfectly implemented.

It offer various features like time tracking, file sharing and collaborating that helps employees to stay connected irrespective of their place of work.  This helps the employer have a clear track of their employee’s presence and work.

The cost attached to the basecamp tool is comparatively less, since it charges per month and not based on the number of employees. Apart from this there it also offers a 60-day trial version. It is compatible with Windows, Linux,and Mac OS and also available on mobile apps like Android and iOS devices, making it really mobile.

    Hub Staff:

The Hubstaff was he brainchild of two entrepreneurs who wanted a reliable tool to control their workers at multiple locations.  It was founded in 2012 and since then it has been embraced by many companies around the world for their project management, file sharing and collaboration and for monitoring their employees.

The ease and accessibility of the tool was so much that it became the most sought after tool in various industries. The special features of Hubstaff include task allocation, time tracking, activity level monitoring, sharing screenshots, progress report and it also goes to the next level and manages employee payments.

Although it offers various features that supports project management the main USP of Hubstaff remains to be its unmatched time tracking feature that takes employee monitoring to the next level.

    Active Collab:

The activeCollab employee-monitoring toll is out in the market from 2006. The main tagline of activeCollab is “designed to make your life easier” and it really lives up to its expectation by earning a solid client base of 200000 users.

The activeCollab offer the incredible feature of tracking the progress of the project during each phase divided into separate smaller portions. This allows the team lead to delegate task to the members and also helps team members have an overview of how they have spent their time on their work.

The main feature of activeCollab remains to be task sharing, file sharing, collaborations and the ability to hold discussion panels. It also comes with a 30-day trail version.


    Pivotal Tracker:

A reputable tool from the reputable company Pivotal Lab, Pivot tracker hit the market in 2008. It is actually the favorite lot of most of the software and web development crews. 

The main features of Pivotal tracker are its ability to provide faultless workflow with the comprehensive and all-inclusive feature. It also offers the advantage of customizing its dashboard according to the requirement of the company. Its major USP lies in the inter-project communication ability. The only hitch of Pivotal tracker is that it allows only manual time tracking options.

It is a software tool that suits any type of industry by the variety of company and employee oriented features it offers with a 30-day trial offer.


Unfuddle is a specially designed software tool for professional in the IT and software development field. Like most other tools, it also offers features that assist in project management and employee monitoring.

The main features of the Unfuddle include the power to access the projects, repositories, ticket and interaction with other team members of the project.  It also offers other add-on features along with these features like messages, milestones, notebooks and time tracking.

These unique features make Unfuddle the best option for companies for both the employee monitoring and project management activities. Unfuddle really makes your task of management simplified and more effective.

You can try Unfuddle on a 14-day trial basis and experience the advantages yourself.

Important factors to be considered while choosing a Employee Monitoring company:

  • Capable of securing intellectual property.

  • Ability to record everything

  • Facility to generate reports

  • Capable of centralized employee monitoring

  • The extent of legal and fair monitoring practices.



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